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The thing we best remember about Hamilton was how wonderful it was. 

The people were great. The work was challenging and interesting. Everyday was a learning experience, with software developers and young people from around the world working and learning side by side with Wall Street investors, government leaders and old style community activists. 

Hamilton redefined the meaning and the power of the word diversity. 

We believed we could do good and make money. We believed that new technology had filled the world with possibility. We believed that the creation of wealth could help address many problems. We believed that hard work and extraordinary performance could depend on the rule of law.  We were wrong, but for a few years, how wonderful life was and how full of hope.

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Hamilton was about people.

We always had less than 50 full time people eligible to be shareholders. Our goal was, whether technical specialty or cultural background, to never have more than one of anybody. What a potpourri it was. We spent a lot of time and effort attracting the best people, recruiting at MIT and investing time in effort in linking up with Silicon Valley and Asian universities and kids from farmland and the hood alike. 


One of Hamilton's interests in providing advisory services to HUD was to do the prototyping and build the pricing, database and software tools needed to build a private trading and investment business working with communities to reengineer investment locally and to finance communities in the stock market with Solari REIT's and Stock Corporations. Our efforts to develop the Solari investment model were reflected throughout Hamilton. On every project we did for a client, we tracked the value we wished to generate for the client and others impact as well as the % of that value we expected to earn for ourselves. For example, on every project we did for HUD, we targeted and tracked how much we could save for the taxpayers. Our standard was to save $100 million for taxpayers for every $1 million we were paid.

Hamilton Assignments for HUD

Hamilton was targeted for a "corporate assassination as a result of the work we did for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in "reengineering government" that saved so much money for the taxpayers. From 1994 until 1997, Hamilton served as financial advisor to HUD, executing $10 billion of mortgage loan  sales and providing portfolio strategy services for HUD's $500 billion mortgage and mortgage insurance portfolio. The application of AT&T Bell Labs optimization methodology to the US mortgage markets and other technology such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to portfolio strategy were revolutionary and produced terrific results for the HUD mortgage funds and for taxpayers.

Additional Information About Hamilton

To understand how Hamilton became the target of a corporate assassination is to understand the power and the opportunity of the Solari investment models and of financing communities with equity based on open  access to information about "how the money works" in our neighborhoods. It is also to understand the "learning organization" models of the future and how quickly men and women from all different walks of life can build wealth and quality of life together when access to knowledge, integrity and positive incentives make it possible to "get off the Titanic, and build arks."

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