Dillon Read & Co. Inc. & the Aristocracy of Prison Profits
by Catherine Austin Fitts
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Nick Brady John Birkelund Al Gore Elaine Kamarck Jack Kemp Mike Eisenson Lauch Faircloth Jamie Gorelick Judge Stanley Sporkin
"Make a law, make a business."  — Old New Jersey street saying


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DISCLAIMER: This chronology was prepared as a background research tool for the drafting of "Dillon Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits." The purpose was to provide background research only. This chronology is not inclusive of all relevant dates during the period. It includes source materials believed to be reliable as well as useful. It also includes additional materials which may or many not be reliable as well as materials which are not useful for the story at hand. The reader should treat this information as preliminary and subject to change. The reader is advised not to rely on any information herein -- to independently confirm any information before using or relying on it.


© 2006 Catherine Austin Fitts

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